Airi HasekuraAiri Hasekura/GalleryAiri Hasekura/History
Airi Hasekura/RelationshipsAll Things Are in a State of FluxAll Things Are in a State of Flux/Detailed Summary
All Things Are in a State of Flux/GalleryAstronomy ClubBoss
Career Counseling for a Bird in a CageCareer Counseling for a Bird in a Cage/Detailed SummaryCareer Counseling for a Bird in a Cage/Gallery
Gateway to the PastGateway to the Past/Detailed SummaryGateway to the Past/Gallery
Hope From Across 2.39 Million Light-yearsHope From Across 2.39 Million Light-years/Detailed SummaryHope From Across 2.39 Million Light-years/Gallery
Kaori SasakiKaori Sasaki/GalleryKaori Sasaki/History
Kaori Sasaki/RelationshipsKarin FukazawaKarin Fukazawa/Gallery
Karin Fukazawa/HistoryKarin Fukazawa/RelationshipsKenny Eitarou Osafune
Kenny Eitarou Osafune/GalleryKenny Eitarou Osafune/HistoryKenny Eitarou Osafune/Relationships
List of Ushinawareta Mirai wo Motomete EpisodesMitsunori OgawaMitsunori Ogawa/Gallery
Mitsunori Ogawa/HistoryMitsunori Ogawa/RelationshipsNagisa Hanamiya
Nagisa Hanamiya/GalleryNagisa Hanamiya/HistoryNagisa Hanamiya/Relationships
Neko YamagaNeko Yamaga/GalleryNeko Yamaga/History
Neko Yamaga/RelationshipsPresidentPresident/Gallery
President/HistoryPresident/RelationshipsProving the Existence of Her and the Ghost
Proving the Existence of Her and the Ghost/Detailed SummaryProving the Existence of Her and the Ghost/GallerySakunoshin Honjou
Sakunoshin Honjou/GallerySakunoshin Honjou/HistorySakunoshin Honjou/Relationships
Shiori SasakiShiori Sasaki/GalleryShiori Sasaki/History
Shiori Sasaki/RelationshipsShooting Stars Passing in the NightShooting Stars Passing in the Night/Detailed Summary
Shooting Stars Passing in the Night/GallerySou AkiyamaSou Akiyama/Gallery
Sou Akiyama/HistorySou Akiyama/RelationshipsThe Lost Future
The Lost Future/Detailed SummaryThe Lost Future/GalleryThe President Dreams with Sparkling Eyes
The President Dreams with Sparkling Eyes/Detailed SummaryThe President Dreams with Sparkling Eyes/GalleryThe Time Remaining
The Time Remaining/Detailed SummaryThe Time Remaining/GalleryThe Way of the Quantum Cat and the Droplet
The Way of the Quantum Cat and the Droplet/Detailed SummaryThe Way of the Quantum Cat and the Droplet/GalleryUshinawareta Mirai o Motomete
Ushinawareta Mirai o Motomete/AnimationUshinawareta Mirai o Motomete/MangaUshinawareta Mirai wo Motomete Wiki
We'll Meet Again Tomorrow, Right?We'll Meet Again Tomorrow, Right?/Detailed SummaryWe'll Meet Again Tomorrow, Right?/Gallery
Wiki RulesWiki Rules/Image PolicyYaeko Azuma
Yaeko Azuma/GalleryYaeko Azuma/HistoryYaeko Azuma/Relationships
Yui FurukawaYui Furukawa/GalleryYui Furukawa/History
Yui Furukawa/Relationships∞ Future
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File:Yui Visual Novel.jpgFile:失われた未来を求めて - ∞未来File:失われた未来を求めて「∞未来」橋本みゆき.flv

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